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Seeking Active FS

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I'd like to leave my current FS because they're not active enough for me, especially in tournaments. My score is almost 50,000 and my boosted goods are planks, silk and gems. I've just entered Fairies to give you an idea of where my city is. I'm a very active player and I always give daily visits and participate in Fellowship Events and tournaments, giving it my best.

I hope to hear from the ideal FS for me soon. That's a FS which gets at least 7 treasure chests a week in the tournaments and most members take part. :)

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Hi Rinkidink,
Currently we are full, but I have a player with two cities who is struggling with time atm.
We at Winterfel are currently ranked 98, recently dropped from 75 due to letting go of two inactive players.
However, we are bedding in new players who are doing well.
Your boosted would fit in. (Especially if you have access to marble). Our newer players are all marble boosted but still growing.
We regularly hit the 6th chest, but more and more of the FS are joining in now, so hoping for 7th very soon.
We have a dedicated player that organises the FA, last, which was only our second we ranked 18.
Chat is normally quite active.
Trades taken quickly.
Feel free to check us out, and if you are interested message me in game :)
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