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Seeking a Retirement FS


I need a long break so I'm looking for a retirement FS to nestle my city in?


Hello Rinkidink

If you type up Elven Mythics you will find my fellowship.
We are an active friendly fellowship. I hope you join.

Kind Regards


Thank you but I don't want to stop playing altogether and your cities are too small for me to get enough trades.


my question too :rolleyes:
P.S. I will send you a message in game in couple minutes.

EDIT - :D:D:D Wrong server! Good luck Rink! ;)
Having more than one city can get confusing! I asked Support to delete my Arendyll city a little while ago. I can't tell you what a relief it is because it's going to be easier to run one city rather than two.


Ok thanks for the reply. We are trying to build on active members so I don't think a retirement city is the right fit. However if you decide to become more active again in the second city, I'd be happy to welcome you in the future. :)