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Second city player seeking fellowship.



This is my second city, score is only currently 12000 with marble, crystal and elixir boosts. I’ve been playing for 2 years and my first city in arendyll is around 400k. Looking for a fellowship with other like minded active and experienced players as I’m currently in an FS with a lot of new players who either need a lot of handholding, play for a week then disappear or just don’t listen to advice.

I’d like to find somewhere I can just slot in, do my bit in the tourneys and events as I do in my first city, help where I can and feel part of a team rather than a random group all pulling different ways.


We have one place open in White lions. We are very relaxed and only ask members to do NH visits at least 4 or 5 times a week, other than that we do as much or as little as we want to. Have a look at the FS and if you are interested send me an in game message. Not possible to send you an invite while you are already in a FS.

Sadhana s

Hi we need active player in Friend's Kingdom. We are a peace full friendly fellows. Hope you join us. Thanks


Hello Sathein,
We are looking for an active player for our relaxed Fellowship, looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,


Please look at the date when Sathein posted this.


I am looking for active members to replace inactive..Friendly fellowship..All active members welcome..Send me a message I'll make a space for you..Lions of Zion..