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Closed | Archived Season of Secrets


Been an issue since seasons were introduced @dennise which I and others have submitted as a bug many times, seems the only way currently is to reload the game at the turn over time.


Forum mod extraordinaire
Elvenar Team
Hi @dennise as mentioned above this seems to be a bit of an ongoing thing. The best thing I can recommend is ALWAYS refresh your game prior to heading into your Daily Quests, and don't begin collecting productions until you do so to make sure they count.

I always leave my Browser Game open overnight (albeit in sleepy mode) I know I shouldn't and it's naughty but i'm a bit of an anarchist. So when I log back in of a morning, the game has a bit of catching up to do despite it looking okay. So I always refresh before I do anything! :)

If after a refresh things are still looking a bit weird, then by all means raise a Ticket with Support and they will be happy to look into it.

Kind Regards