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User Interface Search Function in Inventory


I have another suggestion for game developers...

My inventory is quite... cluttered... and it would be wonderful if I could sort or filter buildings according to type... e.g. culture, army related, population, mana or seeds or goods production, guest race buildings, evolving buildings ... etc. like a check box for categories in the inventory.... If I could filter by ticking a box, life would be so much more... organised!

Love the improvements so far! It’s just getting better and better!

This is my long term game!


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Elvenar Team
Hi Guys! Yes this has been asked previously but I don't believe we've ever had a definitive answer. I'll take it forward again!

Kind Regards


Duru Beibella

I would really really REALLY like this to happen. One of my Fellows has just mentioned it as they have it?? but I do not - not sure why that would be as I've been playing for years.

But a search option in the inventory would be really brilliant - fingers crossed that it happens :D

Duru Beibella

Your fellow plays on app.
Hello Blue

Yes, thank you, I found that out by downloading the app to my phone .... I've since taken it off again but it would be great if they would make it for laptops/desktop as well - surely it wouldn't take much to sort it out??