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Answered Scouting


Hi everyone. Scouting is weird in my Arendyll city. I have only built GA wonder so far. I’m approaching the end of chapter iii and I still need to complete another 6 provinces before I will be able to start research on chapter if advanced scouts. The next 11 provinces on my map are now “Hard” level. Why is this? Is it unusual? I thought overscouting meant completing more provinces than needed for a chapter.

In contrast, in my chapter vii Beta city the next 31 provinces are all “Easy” or “Very easy”, even though I only need to complete another 11 to begin the advanced scouts for the next chapter. In this city, I have GA, Needles and MM wonders.

All available squad size upgrade researches have been completed in both cities.

Silly Bubbles

It could have something to do with the recent changes to early chapters. Or you might've scouted the provinces too early in the game and had them sitting for a bit as their requirements are set once you finish the scouting. That's all I have.

Just to clarify, overscouting means scouting the provinces before you need them, it doesn't matter when you complete them. The provinces requirements don't change for already scouted provinces but you can make the fights easier by researching squad size and increase the size of your army. If you're a very active player and don't get stuck in research much, overscouting is not a big problem. I've always overscouted to get expansions earlier. You will need orcs to negotiate provinces later on but you can always fight to go around it.


I contacted support and it’s fixed! Looks as though they’ve reset it, the next batch of provinces are all easy now. Thank goodness.