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Answered Saved Draft - MIA


How do I recover a saved draft of a new thread if I have navigated away from it?
One that I didn't save appears when I start a new thread but the one that I saved is nowhere to be found.


I believe messages fall off after a while and can not be recovered unless you contact support and see if there is something they can do


Forum mod extraordinaire
Elvenar Team
Hi @Jake65

The draft (if saved) should automatically appear as soon as you click "Post Thread" in the relevant section!

You cannot save more than one per section but you can save one in each section! You can neither save a draft in one section and then make it appear in another.

I hope that kind of makes sense!! :D

Kind Regards



Thank you.
I'm wondering if I saved it in a different section *eyeroll*
I'll go searching :)