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Restructure of random quests in events

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by Pernicous, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Pernicous

    Pernicous Novice

    Oct 3, 2019
    Now I know this event got a bit screwed up, but it merely highlighted the problem with the current quest system where you can get the same quest 3+ times in a row, lucky people get ones easy enough for them to do, while others cop 9 or even 1 day ones back to back. The randomness added in the last event, while good in giving us unlimited potential badges removed any ability to plan. Then add in this events twist of only buildings at your current level and you cant even run spare buildings to have some stuff ready to go in case that quest comes up (No room or population for another 3-5 workshops & T1 buildings to have lying around for events)

    What I suggest is keeping the random quests, but have it in blocks of 5 quests and make the last one one of the big blocking quests (But not always) then each time you finish 5 quests you will get another random 5 block (May be the same one) but at least that way you never cop the same quest twice in a row, and it at least gives people the chance to plan out a little during each event. Examples could be

    Recruit 3 stacks of Units -> Spend 20 Knowledge Points -> Gain a big amount of Coins -> Gain 11 Relics -> Produce Toolboxes 5 times with a Workshop from your current or previous three Chapters

    Scout 1 Province or Research 1 Technology or Gain 15 Vision Vapor -> Produce Advanced Tools 8 times with a Workshop from your current or previous three Chapters -> Solve 5 Spire Encounters or Solve 5 Encounters -> Gain a fair amount of Supplies -> Produce [Tier 1 Boost][24 hrs] 3 times with a Manufactory from your previous or current Chapter

    Collect 6 vision vapor or research 1 technology -> Produce Basket of Groceries 6 times with a Workshop from your current or previous three Chapters -> Solve 45 Tournament Encounters or Solve 9 Encounters -> Produce [Tier 1 Boost][9 hrs] 6 times with a Manufactory from your previous or current Chapter -> Recruit 3 stacks of Units

    So some quests could be in multiple groups of 5, but the first quest should be unique to allow players who are paying attention to be able to track where they are and what may be coming up. It keeps the randomness they want to allow infinite questing, evens out the speed for all players as no chance of back to back dailys, retains control of the event as at least half the blocks would have a 1 day quest in it allowing them to set where they want the average player to get to in terms of badges by the end.
  2. Lelanya

    Lelanya Summoner

    Aug 28, 2016
    This one I sure have mixed feelings about. But there is a glaring error with your assumptions. No one in Amuni, Constructs or Elvenar chapter can do a 24 hour tier1 boosted in a manufactory of 'current or previous chapter'. This option has been altered to make sentient goods production. Now I would dearly love having my steel factories be able to make necklaces for FA, but the fact is, thanks to this event, they can never do so again :(
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
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  3. Pernicous

    Pernicous Novice

    Oct 3, 2019
    Ah ok, I'm not up that far yet. The examples I have were just that and could easily be changed. It's more about the grouping of quests so you don't get the same one 2-4 times in a row (Very common in our FS this event) and make sure there is a more even spread of long quests and shorter quests.

    But even that doesn't fix all problems. For instance where I'm up to I can easily burn 1-2 time instants for a scout and still leave the event with a bunch more then I started with. But that doesn't help the much later chapters where it's much longer to scout. If I had to finish those quests with research or cousin vapor I would have made much less progress.

    So the events themselves need more tweaking, I'm just making 1 suggestion to help fix what I see as the biggest current issue.
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  4. TheokGrundor

    TheokGrundor Adventurer

    Oct 7, 2016
    They have lists of possible quests you can get already. What they need to do is set it so that they come in a random order but don't repeat until you have seen ALL the quests in the list. Have it give us each quest once before they are recycled back at us. That way the big end-cap quests don't crowd out the others.
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