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Release Notes Version 1.13



Dear Humans and Elves,

On Wednesday 31st August, we plan to release the update to 1.13. Please read on for the provisional release notes - we'll bring you any changes as soon as we are aware of them.

This update brings you the Ancient Wonders for the Orcs and Goblins: two big, brand-new buildings for your city! Of course both come with their own effects and awesome avatars! For the rest we're adding Magical Residences and Magical Workshops that you can buy to produce Coins and Supplies even more. Furthermore we're giving you a lot of smaller improvements like being able to click culture buildings and view their details more easily, and giving you an indicator in the build menu to show you where to find your newly-researched buildings! So, a lot of nice new things - for more details, please have a look at the full release notes below!


  • Two brand-new Ancient Wonders have been added for the Orcs and Goblins Chapter: The Heroes' Forge and the Shrine of Shrewdy Shrooms! Both give you access to a new, special Avatar, as well as effects for your city. The effects of them are as follows, and of course depend on the level of the Ancient Wonder in your city, as with all the other Ancient Wonders.
    • The Heroes' Forge will produce Orcs every 24 hours, and will give a strength boost to all Heavy Melee Units in Battle
    • In the Shrine of Shrewdy Shrooms, Elves will produce a number of Archers and Humans a number of Crossbowmen every 3 hours, and it gives a bonus to the effect on training size, like Armories do, for an X value for every Armory level in your city.
  • If you're short on Coins or Supplies when wanting to upgrade a building, you can now get the missing resources using Diamonds
  • It's now possible to click any Culture building in your city to open a window which shows its benefits to your city
  • Two new buildings have been added: the Magic Residence and Magic Workshop - these buildings are tied to the Chapter you're in: when you construct it, it will automatically be at the level of the corresponding Chapter. More updates are unlocked via the Advanced Scouts technology - completing that technology, which is at the beginning of any Chapter, decides in what Chapter you currently are
  • Unlocking new buildings in the research tree now gives you a notification on the Build menu to show you where you can find and construct your newly researched buildings

  • The lay-out of Encounter windows has been improved, making it easier to use and to make it more consistent with other windows
  • Giving Neighborly Help to the Summer Solstice event buildings is now possible

  • Due to community feedback, we have increased the number of population for the level 21 Residences from 850 to 900
  • In preparation for a next guestrace, some very minor changes were made in the balancing of some buildings of guest races. The changes are indeed very small and won't exceed a change of 1%.

  • Sometimes the notification window could show empty while it shouldn't, which has now been resolved
  • In some cases a notification would not correctly be marked as read
  • When selling a culture building it would show a level, even though culture buildings don't have levels, so the level indicator has been removed
As always we're looking forward to your feedback. Please leave us a post in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


Dear Elves and Humans,

The update to 1.13 is postponed until tomorrow, Thursday September 1st.