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Release Notes version 0.23



Dear Humans and Elves,

Tomorrow, Tuesday 25th August, Elvenar International will be updated to version 0.23. This update brings you a couple of improvements for the game, one balancing change, and a lot of bug fixes. Please find the full list of changes below.


  • The game will use a 24-hour clock system from now on
  • The font color of player names, day and time in Chat have been altered to be easier to read
  • Quest 'Trading Well' (both Humans and Elves) is now possible to complete using a mix of trade offers from other players and the wholesaler

  • Repeatable Quest 'Our Taxes' (both Humans and Elves) now requires the player to gain 150,000 coins instead of 50,000 for balancing purposes

  • With hardware acceleration enabled, buildings now have sharp graphics again
  • On low resolutions, it is now possible to scroll vertically in the research tree again
  • All times displayed ingame (e.g. on Chat, Messages and Notifications) are now from the same time, based on the server time
  • It is no longer possible to invite players who are already in a Fellowship to your Fellowship
  • When inviting players to your Fellowships from the Rankings, the Ranking page you're on is now remembered
  • Some sounds were played incorrectly, this has now been corrected
  • Tooltips in the research tree are now aligned correctly
  • Tooltips in the research tree now always have enough space for all listed costs
  • Some black bars in the Battle screen have been given some color again
  • The banner at the top of the screen when visiting another city now displays correctly again in all cases
  • A tooltip in Messages has been corrected
  • Trying to create a Fellowship with a name that has two or more consecutive spaces is no longer possible
  • After replacing multiple streets, the culture added now updates correctly without a game refresh
  • It is no longer possible to have multiple Fellowships with the same name with different capitalization
  • Provided population from some Cultural buildings now displays correctly in tooltips across the game
  • Some level 15 buildings wrongly showed that they could be upgraded with further research, this has now been changed
  • Accepting a trade no longer resets the page you're on to 1
  • Elven Quests 'Garden of Harmony' and 'Room for Harmony' can be completed normally again
  • When visiting a player, the zoom level is remembered across towns again
  • When moving a building, the grid now always shows correctly
  • It is now possible to read the subject of messages with a long subject correctly
  • The cursor now always changes shape correctly depending on your action
  • An expelled Fellowship Member can no longer type in the Fellowship Chat
  • A missing image for a certain Fellowship banner has been added
As always, we're looking forward to hearing your feedback. Please let us know what you think in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team