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Release notes - from Discord


Here are the latest release notes from Discord.

Hi everyone!

## Version 1.189
It will go live on the EN servers from December 4th and all other servers from December 11th. On Mobile, the version will be available during that same week.

# Improvements

* We have improved the text descriptions for a few Ancient Wonders.
* The ranking points of certain Ancient Wonders depend on Squad Size now.
* We have made some improvements to the Fellowship's notifications.
* A pickup sound for event currency was added for mobile.
* A quest info button was added for mobile.

# Some bugs have been fixed️

* We fixed an issue that prevented certain players from collecting the last event milestone after completing the last event quest.
* The heart mark disappeared in Ancient Wonder's overview when the player opened another Ancient Wonder.
* Vallorian Seal Tower Unurium bonus was handed out with Community Work pickup in certain cases. Now it does work as it should.
* A Season Pass quest icon was added for a certain quest where it was missing.
* In certain cases, the colors in flat buildings mode were wrong, now they are fixed to work as intended.
* A display issue was fixed for certain portals, If the portal boost effect adds 100% or more the numbers in the portal overview were wrong.
* The Ancient Wonder, Temple of the Toads now produces Divine Seeds depending on Squad Size.
* Now Lighthouse of Good Neighborhood works correctly, while it is enchanted with Ensorcelled Endowment, Neighborly Help on your Culture Buildings also increases the production of all Discovered Resources.
* When the players haven't updated their application, sometimes they can't see the countdown badge for the events. (mobile)
* Other minor bugs have been fixed.

This will be the last changelog of the year, the next update will happen on January 2nd (EN) and 4th (INT).


The official release notes above just mention that some wonders will change: this is what I've found on beta (but since the release notes are now official I suppose I can put it here).

1. Thrones will give Culture based on MH levels and AW levels too
2. ETC will produce seeds based on SS (currently it's was based on MH level )
3. Enar's should produce mana per tourney points (currently it's per scouted provinces before)
4. Maze will produce mana based on on Supply capacity (currently i's based on completed provinces)
5. EE will give relics per opened Mystical Object from crafting. (currently it's per completing province)
6. Tournament Arena should also give ranking points per chest based on SS
7 Same for the for Spire Library."


The Ancient Wonder, Temple of the Toads now produces Divine Seeds depending on Squad Size.
Anybody know if this is in addition to the HR troops or instead of?


New release notes from Discord. It's all the things we've already "seen" implemented on Beta during the last week coming to live servers tomorrow (13th).

Version 1.193​

It will go live on the EN servers from February 13th and all other servers from February 15th. On Mobile, the version will be available during that same week.


  • We have seen your feedback about getting something back from Ancient Wonders you no longer need and also to be able to convert Combining Catalyst into Spell Fragments, and we are now adding these options:
    • When selling an Ancient Wonder you'll now earn 1 Royal Restoration (RR) and 2 Combining Catalysts (CC) per level of your Ancient Wonder.
    • 3 new recipes were added that convert Combining Catalyst into Spell Fragments.
  • Missing Royal Restorations in build and upgrade costs can now be replaced with Diamonds.
    • Developer note: Previously, crafting Royal Restorations in the Magic Academy was the sole option to get them by using Diamonds. We are adding this direct option for your convenience after having seen some of you have asked for it last week. Crafting at the Magic Academy remains the cheapest way to access additional RR with Diamonds. Now you simply have a more direct way, available on demand, also for smaller quantities where you don't need to spend additional Spell Fragments or take up a crafting slot.
  • 2 new Elven portraits and 2 new Human portraits are added for players in chapter 3 and above.
  • New sorting for the Inventory was added, now you can sort by date received. (this will go live on all servers on February 15th EN including)
  • We have added a content linked to the upcoming Blessing of the Phoenix event.

Some bugs have been fixed​

  • The Ancient Wonder Shrine of the Champions now gives the correct amount of Ranking Points.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented the players from recruiting troops.
  • The order of the Ancients Wonders in the Gallery has been fixed.
  • A display issue has been fixed in the messages tab, sometimes the messages with very long titles were cut off.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented from watching an ad on the first try.
  • When too many players in the fellowship reach the last chest in Spire of Eternity, the tooltip is cut off on the top. Now it is visible to all participants.
  • An incorrect time format in Spire of Eternity Progression Bubble was fixed.(mobile)
  • Other minor bugs have been fixed.


I got to say that I really like the option to sort the inventory based on the date the building was received. Coupled with all the other sreach and sorting options, it really makes the inventory so much more user friendly. Big thumbs up for that :)

And since it looks like Inno is trying to make up for the AW changes by finally giving us some of the stuff we've been asking for years, how about that SCOUT NOTIFICATION? That would really cheer up a lot of people. (and if they really want to try to make up for the AW horror show, they could give us a 2nd scout :p)

@Herodite what happened to the option to delete building in hide-buildings mode for PC users? I has been on Beta for a couple of weeks now and I thought it would hit live with the latest update but still nothing :confused:


I've only just noticed the search function in the inventory, finally, a way to tidy up your chest of drawers. ;)