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Discussion in 'Fellowships seeking Members' started by larryary, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. larryary

    larryary Spellcaster

    May 3, 2018
    I am AM and have 3 very active players. The rest dont talk. I want to merge with similar team.Or you merge with us. My 3 play all tournos and trails. Where they go i go...i know how good they are and if they get culled, i go too.
  2. ShadowVision

    ShadowVision Adventurer

    Aug 10, 2018
    Hello Larryary,

    even if you have much more points than me, i would like to offer you a merge to my Fellowship Nusantara. Most of us also do regular/daily NH & Trades, and we are doing 4 Chests right now - with the help of 3 more active players the 5th chest can be done without any question.

    First thing about our Fellowship: Real Life comes first - so if you have a busy time there, don't feel stressed if you can't contribute too much (or anything) for the said time. Second thing: Besides this, everyone has to do his part for the FS. While there are still players wo don't do their part to my full satisfaction, i'm constantly searching for players that will do and replace these said players if they don't change anything. (Like constant 30 points on tournaments etc.).

    What else to say? Last Adventure we got #36 and the 2nd chest, next time i would like to see us getting the 3rd chest - so if you are into that, i would be happy to see another member (or members) in my core-team for these.

    Bonus thing about my Fellowship: At every end of month i'll do a raffle with every "most active" player and one can win a 15€ paysafecard-code to buy some diamonds (or do other stuff with that - it's up to the winner).

    So...if that sounds good to you, leave me a reply. If you have any questions just ask :)
  3. elfkeldorn

    elfkeldorn Seeker

    Jul 9, 2018
    Hi larryary. I'm in a recently reformed fellowship after our archmage left thus collapsing the fellowship. We've got over half of the original fellowship back and three new members but still have 9 vacancies. Most of us have scores in five figures but we would be happy to have people with fewer or more points than that. Most of us are chatters and we would prefer to have people who like that. We haven't got set targets on how often people should visit, but most of us do it most days with some drop offs when real life intervenes. We also are keen on tournaments and finished 68th in the one FA since we were forced to reform.
  4. ShadowVision

    ShadowVision Adventurer

    Aug 10, 2018
    Looks like he joined another fellowship already. Wish you and your members good luck & fun there larryary! :) (honestly)