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I have been stuck on the same quest now for 3 days now
Fight and win 4 encounters or use pet food 2x
Magic academy has not brought up pet food for 4 days now and do not have diamonds to rotate the manufacturing of spells and fighting is not an option. Keep hitting defeats no matter what i use. Is there no other way to get help to pass this quest. I am at the point where i am ready to give up on this event


I have done that, thank you gathsdell.
So many have complained about this, yet, they do absolutely nothing :(


Write to Support. I think if they get enough tickets about it, and after investigating, they might help in some way.


You say that fighting is not an option - have you looked at ways to make fights easier? e.g. complete all available squad upgrades, use buildings like the Mage Multiplier and Fire Phoenix (from crafting or spire) and AWs like Needles of the Tempest.