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Answered Portal profits not profitable - Chapter XIX


I am curious. Regardless (?) of chapter level, the guest race portal is where all the guest race goods and productions are stored. When applying the Portal Profit (PP) enchantment you get a percentage of your portal storage.

So why in Ch XIX does the PP enchantment not give a percentage of all the portal goods?


Where are the Creatures of Light/Dark and the Ultimate Creatures?

Or is this just another Inno-vation to punish and victimise anyone foolish enough to enter Ch XIX? :mad:

Silly Bubbles

Portal Profits only work on capped Guest Race Goods, that is, the ones that have a limit on maximum that you can have. It doesn't work on the resources that you can have unlimited amount of.

And yes, it's to make it harder the more you progress as I would expect from any game. I can imagine that it can be called interesting, entertaining, challenging, annoying or in your case infuriating, all depending on what we personally like/dislike.


if PP would substitute also the Creatures of Light/Dark and the Ultimate Creatures, then what exactly remains to produce with the settlement? I tell you, it remains absolutely nothing. Then ch. 19 would be suddenly a walk in the park :D and THAT wasn't intended by the devs. I agree, it's a tedious job to get all those criters but it's doable. I am glad I don't have to keep any tower for White/ Black Matter (my Beta city is now in ch.19).


As it is, PP's are a dime a dozen. With every new guest race, I exit the chapter with more PP's than I enter it with. The last two chapters I finished using only my 5% PP's, didn't have to touch the larger denominations...