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Playing since 2019 - only just joined forums


Hello there, lovely folk!

I'm erebus, and I'm Fellowed in ♡Allegiant♡
I'm in New Zealand and we are just heading into wintery months, just in time for the Elvenar spring and rebirth festivities, and the long hot summers of Whispering Trees, and magical growth.

I hope to stick around in the forums. I may be looking for tips from time to time but I'm not a very competitive, driven player, so I'm typically prepared to take my time. I'm vision impaired, which can mean that sometimes I miss game illustrations/animations, or See them for the first time long after having had them in my city, which can make for some hilarity.

Nice to meet you!


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
Hey @erebus!! Of course we've interacted prior to this but it's nice to see an official introduction! May your time on the Forum be plentiful and FUN! :D