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play as orcs/fairies etc


I have trawled this whole forum area to see if anyone felt as I did about a 3rd playable race .. having found finally this post, I would llike to add my thought that it seems a great time for a third race as the 3rd world is now online .. would be great to do a suggestion poll maybe for the players choice .. assuming of course there are no plans underway already that we might not be aware of .. personally doing a 2nd elf or human city just does not appeal .. but a fairy, dwarf or Halfling city might just persuade me and maybe others to invest even more time ..

small point .. REDUCE DIAMOND cost and the laws of basic economic returns would result in inno making MORE money and gain much player happiness .. the recent 25% increase was a BIG mistake .. once you start chasing profit in this way, the economics AND player happiness will go into a dive .. no one wins .. i won't even start on the 'wholesaler' farce .. nezkeys has said all i would say already in the 1.22 comments thread elsewhere ..

nuff said .. for now ..


:) :D. It would take the Art Dept' a while to draw all the buildings for a new race . Framework is obviously in place already (glitches aside :( ). So feasible.

As for comments on costs :eek: I agree.