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Innogames/Elvenar is planning on terminating the forums (due to perceived decreased engagement..?) and use Discord as a replacement instead. We, the forum members, are of the opinion that Discord is not a valid alternative for a forum like this, and would like Inno/Elvenar to keep the forums alive. Discord is a nice addition to the game, but it can not and will not be able to provide the same functionality as the forums can and do, so it's not suitable as a replacement. They can perfectly co-exist though, so that's what we'd like to see happen, as both platforms/media have their benefits!

I shamelessly stole this petition idea from the US forum, but let's do this for the International/EN community too!
Please reply with your name (or +1 if you prefer) to this thread to add your vote for this petition to keep the forums!
(Don't just like this post, we need engagement in the form of actual reactions/replies ;) )

Get your fellows, Elvenar friends, neighbours, etc. to sign this petition too if they want to keep the forum!

While you’re at it; also copy this link to your city name, without the http part it will be a perfect fit: “tiny.cc/savetheforum”, it links directly to this petition here on the forum.

And since the official link to the forums has been deleted from the game and replaced by a link to discord, be sure to promote the forum in your fellowship overview by posting this link in the description: https://en.forum.elvenar.com

Let’s do what we can to save the forum(s)!!

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