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Quality over quantity, that's how our fellowship goes. I know there are other players out there who get dispondent with the fellowship they're in, been in that position myself, which is why I set this one up.

I'm not suggesting you bail on your fellowship just to join us. We aren't trying to create a membership just so it's full. But if you want to be in a fair, friendly active team, then feel free to apply.

Here is the overview:

Welcome Elves, welcome Mortals, thank you for showing an interest in our fellowship. Quality over quantity!

We are a newly formed group with the aim of working as a team, by being active participants in neighbour visits and trading. We only trade fairly (2* or above) and fellowship members get the first pick of the trade, through members advertising it in chat before it goes on trade.

We list our boosted goods on this page, so we all have the chance to ask for help from other members, if they have a surplus of goods. The fellowship was set up by (and includes) experienced players who are committed to helping lower level members. Helping them rise the rankings with advice and trade, which in turn helps the fellowship rise. Our requirment for membership, is a minimum of 3 visits per week, more preferably, and to let someone know if you are going to be away.

If this is the way you would like to play Elvenar - hardcore gamer or newbie - feel free to apply. But remember, we play as a team.

Dark Crystal Dragonfly - Mage

Thanks for reading.



Quality over quantity, indeed!

I've been around enough to know that this Fellowship is a wonderful place to be in
enjoying your game while being helped,
being supported without being pushed around,
and what else would a daily active player need other than these? ;) :)
Oh, and getting all advice possible when needed!

I just love this Fellowship!

I'm sure that any-level player would get a new gaming experience with us!