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Orym 24


Hello, I just started playing this game yesterday. will appreciate any help I can get. I live in WA state.


Welcome. Enjoy and take your time. This is a game of patience.

1. Take the time to actually read through the Wiki. There is tons of great info here and awesome reference tables.
2, Do the same with a third party site called ElvenGems.com Incredible tips and inside info from the Beta Servers (careful, there are spoilers here).
3. Use a great third party tool called elvenarchitect.com to help with city layout and re-arranging
4. Use a great third party tool called Elvenstats.com to investigate fellowships and individuals


@Orym24 Welcome to Elvenar!This game is about patience and strategy.Build your city in the most beautiful way.Join a Fellowship or in other words a clan or a team which will help you a lot.Use link like elvengems.com & elvenstats.com & elvenarchitect.com

1.ElvenGems/Gamer Gems of Knowledge helps you in preparation of anything and everything and guide.They are guidelines than actual rules.
2.ElvenStats helps in seeing your stats which may or may not help you according to your choice.
3.ElvenArchitect helps in making a City Planner where you can see actions before you perform them in your city.They also have battle simulators where you can simulate a battle before actually battling with enemies and there are more tools there.Visit this page to get more information.

~Good luck~