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Order of t' Elite Phoenix is recruiting!!


We are one of the 4 Elite fellowship groups on Winyandor that interact between each other we are a friendly group currently positioned at 74th and we are recruiting for active players who have a minimum of 5000 points and must have a combination of Planks or Marble with silk or elixir as their boosted , also as we only produce our boosted goods within the fellowship anyone who wants to join would have to be willing to remove their non boosted manufactory's and also would have to be willing to give Nhelp to all members of the fellowship 4 x weekly If you would like to apply you can Pm either Drayona (archmage ) or myself (cinder) within the game
Look forward to seeing you soon
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Foxy Badger

:rolleyes: Hello cinder, I have sent you a message & membership request just now on the recommendation of Nicole1801 :) Please accept my application. :)

Mags aka Foxy Badger :D


Hi all we are still recruiting due to inactive members and we are looking for active players with boosted goods of planks marble scrolls silks or elixir in any combination we would love to hear from you !! the only rules we have are that you give Nhelp 4 times per week and that you only produce your boosted goods (we give you time to build them up and delete non boosted ) so if you would like to apply you can message either myself cinder or Davjac 76 here or within the game
see you soon :)