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olivers army recruiting

Olivers army is looking for active new member for our fellowship
We have regularly completed the 9th chest and even the 10th chest this week. We reach the 50 diamond gateway minimum every week without fail.
And completed th FA to the third flag the last 2 times.
Our members are requested to
Give neighbourly minimum at least 3 times a week
Participate in FAs tournaments and spire to best of your ability. The more you contribute the more you receive.
Trades must be minimum 2 star trades and take fellowship trades first
First and foremost we are friendly and active in chat and joining us will lead to great friendships
We do fully understand and appreciate we all have real lives away from the game. So if you can't participate due to work commitments,illness or holiday just let us know.
There is no minimum ranking points level for joining. Everyone gets equal opportunities just enjoy the game. Come and join us