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Oh No - She's Here...!


... but never fear, not for long : she's got one thing to say - well, to post - which EVERYONE must watch, because it should be the law, or something :

Or - Tell me you DON'T want to see Sauron dancing with Tom Bombadil in the middle of a huge battle...?!

I hope at least some of you enjoy this... I myself often re-watch it... and it's near-guaranteed to make you smile.

And - that's it.

~ Laurelin (not Loquax) :)

P.S. : For any who wonder : this features an old 3D PC game from 2009 - 'Rise of the Witch-King' - and it's a mod (game modification) for which I claim no credit at all, but for which I'm always grateful. The mod is meant to insert Tom Bombadil - who, in RotWK, had the in-game ability of forcing those around him to dance, as was Tom's frequent habit (the dancing, that is - the 'forcing' bit was EA's very fun idea) - into any part of the game where the player wanted him to be... and to say that the consequences were 'unintended' is an understatement, since Sauron, in that game, is NOT meant to dance around, surrounded by a ring of equally partying Men, ? Elves, Orcs, and Goblins, while demolishing trees with his mighty staff...!

Seriously - you owe it to yourself to see this, if only once ever, and perhaps also to marvel, as I do, at the coding skills AND the boundless good humour of so many [obviously voluntary and unpaid] video game mod-makers. I'm so glad they exist - the world of gaming is a better and more entertaining place, by far, thanks to them!
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