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No Rules Fellowship but not "retirement"

Hi all. I am a daily player with three cities. I am looking for a no rules fellowship rather than a parking lot of abandoned accounts. Ideal fellowship would be no pressure on FAs, Spire or Tourney - but you can do a bit if you wish. But regular polishing and fair trades. A bit of chat is nice, but I can be quiet. I've seen a few FS but they have, at most, a handful of players and look to be just places to park a city. I'm looking to move all three cities together. Thanks!
Just to add. Some kind of AW KP exchange thread system would also be nice - even if not many players use it. This is not absolutely essential though


We - Cackleberries - sound like what you're describing. We get 12 chests in the tourney each week, silver spire, and 10th in the last FA. That's with no minimums or specific requirements at all. No real rules, although trades are generally expected to be 2* (or 3), unless asking for help in the spire or something; and keeping plenty of options open in the FA until everyone has placed for rewards on each map.
We use NetZero for AWs - just say which AW you're upgrading once it's a bit over half full and people will donate to match the chests (20% of the total KP cost). There's no need to donate back specifically

I'm not certain if we have 3 spots, however. We have 1 definitely inactive, and a couple I'm not sure about - I would need to consult with the AM+mages. If interested, please send me a message and I'll check if we have enough space.


Hi Pandora has a spot....we get 10+ tourney chests a week and silver in spire, we also have a very active KP swap system and are chatty....message me if you would like to join.....only problem is that we only have 1 spot available


Hi, have you found a fellowship? We at 'Polylux Stars' would welcome all 3 of your cities! We regularly exchange KP's on each others AW's, as well as fair trades between each other. We would welcome your contribution to Tournaments, Spire and FA's - let me know if you would like to join us! Cheers pepper16!