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No more events for me.


I am so tired of trying to do "10 encounters or spire encounters" or "10 encounters or tournament encounters" in a row. When it takes upwards of a week to scout each province now I do not have lots of open provinces for this kind of demand. And when it happens just as the tourney or spire are ending.. I have to wait til they start again wasting days where I could be solving tasks. This is a ridiculous request when it happens several times in a row. Either give us another scout to have working at this point or find some different "doable" tasks this close to the finish. I am done til one of those happens.


There are lots of reasons for being bored of events. It's quite liberating when you decide not to pay them too much attention anymore. These days I don't always get through the quests. I sit and play them if I have the time and I'm bored and if I have lots of spare time boosters. I don't envisage them ever releasing another reward building that will be good enough to replace the ones I have so I don't need to be worried about the FOMO.


There is no reason to do any of the quests or tournaments when it costs so much money and the reward is so little!!

Correct. Other players have also reached this stage :)

Events and FAs are trifling distractions. Tournaments are a different kettle of fish, and can help fellowship members collectively.


its a vicious circle for me, ( chapter 4 ) collect relics / win encounters / get catalyst jeez province encounters ugh can't win those, with fight, and cater forget that, i can't produce goods for that, which also means no relics, unless i craft them, lol oh and not forgetting catalyst's which take days, 2 days at minimum when it is asking for 2


I'm still a relatively new player. I realised once I'd achieved lock/out on progress in this event in just a few days (now limited to 1 task/day). No way of achieving the "evolves" required to get the main building to a useful level without spending real money. I shan't bother again, unless it's in my interest to do so. Much bigger cities than mine are saying the same thing. Spire and Tournament are much better for me and for FS as a whole


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@Vishar there will be a Fellowship Adventure soon where you can get the last Which Summoning Circle Artifacts. :)


Well if you want stuff you either work for it or you buy it. Either works.

It is a rather modern third option to keep complaining until somebody gives you the stuff for free :D
I´ve got the cat portrait smart guy, Idk why you´re directing that argument to me when I´m speaking for the players that are complaning they are not having that cat portrait, duhh..


I am 5 cats/ foxes away from getting the ghost cat portrait but I am out of currency and I'm not going to spend diamonds just for that ... or I list I think I won't :rolleyes: ... unless FOMO kicks in :D :D


Gooooo FOMO!

FOMO is probably responsible for half of Innos income :D

Speaking of which, I guess I better have a look at the event, didn´t it end tomorrow? I haven´t really checked in there since Blossom Mage day lol...
See if I get the cat or not, just for the heck of it ;) I am not a cat Orc (although they do make great snacks), so I am certainly not spending diamonds on a cat ;) Maybe if we get a ghost wolf next time I might be more inclined :p Wolves are fitting companions for Orcs as all the Tolkien readers out there should know.


Done spending now. Didn´t manage to get the cat (missed by 10). But with 9 artifacts I have nothing to complain :D