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no link in the new Gallery of the Ancient Wonders


The new gallery of the Ancient Wonders is looking great and the list of the contributions are wonderful.
But I can't put in rune shards / broken shards in my Ancient Wonders to complete the wheel and also I tried to click on "place" for an Ancient Wonder and nothing happened. I can't also use this path to jump to my built Wonders (so that I don't need to search for them on the city map).
It seems to me that there is no link / not-working button


Forum mod extraordinaire
Elvenar Team
Hi There @Oturan are you on the App or Browser?

I've checked the browser and everything seems to be working as intended!

To place your Rune Shards you simply click on the Ancient Wonder you wish to do this with:

New AW Menu.png

So you would hover over the Spire Library and click and it will take you to the Rune Wheel Pop Up... I would assume the App requires a similar action.

I would recommend doing a Cache Clear on the App or Browser to see if this kicks it into touch! But if not, please raise a ticket with our Support Team and they will be happy to look into this further for you :)

Kind Regards