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NH make it more attractiv


Hello everyone some years ago I played this game last time, now I'm back for about a half year. A lot changed during my absence but one (1) thing is still there.
People do not give you NH. It is hard to get them inside of your FS but from your world neighbours it is realy hard. In my opinion you can only change this when you make it much more attractive. You should be able to get 1/10 of your boosted goods in addition to the coins you get.
Also you could add the things fallen to your ground during events at the moment snowflakes lets say you give NH to someone than you should be able to collect 5 snowflakes.

Guess you get my idea... just make it more attractive.


The quantities you're suggesting may need a tweak, but the concept is otherwise sound, and I support it. Another thing that would make neighbourly help more attractive would be to enable mobile players to get the bonus chests. I understand this is a feature Inno does plan to implement though, it just hasn't happened yet.


Speed is an issue tho. It's easy to visit often when you have 30 neighbors but when you have 100 or 125, well then it's a lot less possible.
I try to visit on mobile but there are issues with that, it resets chat and notices every time.


They used to give out goods for each NH via the Great Bell Spire / Crystal Lighthouse, but they took that away as they decided they were giving out too much in the way of goods.

As far as fellowship NH goes, each FS can make it mandatory if it is important to them (I don't, personally).

The best thing that could be done to improve world map NH is for Inno to reorganise the cities and move the active ones all closer together, as is being hotly discussed on another thread. A greater concentration of active players would obviously lead to more NH. Right now I have about 15-20 world map neighbours who help quite regularly and that could easily be 4 times the amount if all my neighbours were active.