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newbie here!!


This is my first time playing any online game and I am so much enjoying myself :) anyone here have good advice on how I should be building my city! Thank you all kindly!


That's a tough question to impose as everyone here plays the game differently therefore all the cities will be set differently....all I can suggest to you is to firstly check out the Wiki and read up on everything....secondly, get yourself into a real good fellowship where the members can help you along the way......finally, just have fun with it, this is a patient game so hopefully you have some of that.....best of luck:D


Try joining a fellowship and you should get lots of help.


Welcome @omnibreaker. As a new starter, look for a fellowship with a couple of noobies like yourself. You can feed ideas and tips between yourselves, whilst also getting some advice from the bigger city players. ;)

Build, upgrade, and produce. When you get enough goods, you can solve provinces on your World Map to earn extra city space. Keep your paths/streets long and straight.

As @kimkimkim says, the Elvenar wiki is a good source of information. Click on the icon at bottom right of your city screen. :)

An excellent third party site for information is: