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New military enchantment scroll


A while ago we had an expiring building called Ludibria Ventis which increases unit production by 18% for 10 days.
I'd like to suggest an enchantment scroll, preferably craftable at the magic academy, that grants this effect (doesn't have to be exactly 18%). The scroll would be usable on one of the 3 military buildings for something like 12 hours.

Sir Derf

A while ago??!?

That was the most recent Phoenix event, which ended in April... only 2 months ago...

I know they say that time flies when you're having fun, but...


A while ago??!?
A short while ago? At sometime in the past? I remember a time when?

With inflationary trends the price of a 'while' may become more expensive.

Time is relative anyway. Especially at near-light speed. :p

What is the speed of fun?