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New Fellowship seeking active members.

Aurora Sunrise-recruiting

Are you looking to join a new fellowship, rising up like a Pheonix, in this magical world of Elves and Humans?

We are a group that have come together here in Felyndral, we play together in Arendyll and Winyander and love to chat, even as we in different time zones from Australia to Scotland.

We want to build a fellowship of like minded individuals that love playing as a team, having the goals, to enjoy the game, while helping and learning from each other, through good communication.

Producing boosted goods is preferred, trading within the FS for other goods.
Placing fair trades 2* /3* (Unless agreed with another FS member).
Visit members at least 5 days/week.
We ask all to take part in the FS Tournaments and Adventures, these benefit all members.

Come and join us if you are a team player and enjoy the game!

You can message BigBuddhaBob for more info – or you may join direct as we are open for Applications.

Thank you, Enjoy!