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Hi folks. We are a good group of people, some very quiet and some quite boisterous! We really need more chatters. We need people who like tournaments, who play the spire when it inspires them, who want to participate in FAs (even a little), and we need people who need people! I'd like to see a couple more USA players here. I'm sure others would love to see some Aussies and others probably like to see anyone who chats. We are friendly and helpful. Newbies and 200K+ are all welcome. We do have a little fast track for newbies, get you over the wake and riding the wave! We love to have fun. We are dreaming up some new in-fellowship games and finding new ways to keep folks active. We have 4 different KP swaps right now, and working on some competitions inside fellowship. We need you if you have Crystals! Planks and marble we are short on. We can ALWAYS use Elixer, Gems and DUST! Of course steel and silk are important, and scrolls well...you know the drill. We need it all!!! and we have plenty to give back. Just NEED active, daily players - especially chatty ones. Come give a try before the FA starts...Send request to Minime308 at Minimum Drama or send to me and I'll forward for you. Hurry, time's a wastin'. Lookin for you darlins to come play with us and have some fun!!!
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