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Mermaids Paradise


Is there any chance going forward that artifacts for the above will be available to craft in the Magic Academy please and if so how much will they cost? TIA


don't quote me on this but yes they will be made available to craft in the magic academy and I believe they cost something like 3 blueprints (or 900 diamonds if you have no blueprints) and 10,000 spell fragments

Sir Derf

I've had personal confusion over the bases and artifacts availability in the Spire and Magic Academy, based on the, what I consider, odd bulleting and phrasing of the announcements of the 6-weekly changes.

For example, the Apr 24 announcement states

  • The Boblin's Express Service Artifacts will be phased out as a possible reward for the Spire of Eternity
  • The Echoes of the Forgotten Artifacts and craftable building will be phased in instead
  • The Witch Summoning Circle Artifacts will also be phased in for crafting

The way I interpret these announcements:
  • Spire
    • Bases - Are never available as a possible reward
    • Artifacts - Only one type of Artifact is available as a possible reward, swapped out every 6 weeks, possibly repeating after about 2 years, which has not yet happened.
  • Magic Academy
    • Base - Bases are gradually added to the Magic Academy crafting recipes and are never removed once added (appearing only if you don't already have the base in your city or inventory).
    • Artifacts - are gradually added to the Magic Academy crafting recipes and are never removed once added.
The sequence is that
  1. A new Base is added for crafting to the Magic Academy (and never removed), and it's Artifact swapped into the Spire.
  2. 6 weeks later, the Artifact is swapped out from the Spire.
  3. 6 weeks later, the Artifact is added to the Magic Academy (and never removed).
The Mermaid's Paradise base was added to the Magic Academy 4/18/21, and I don't think was ever removed.
Mermaid's Paradise Artifacts were added to the Magic Academy 7/11/21, and I don't think was ever removed.

I don't know how the RNG operates with regards to presenting these recipes, so can't offer a guess on the odds of those recipes appearing.

Sir Derf


  1. Can we get a complete list of currently available for crafting bases and artifacts?
  2. Can we get an explanation of how these work in the crafting rotation? Is there a fixed chance for getting an Artifact recipe in it's slot, and if it come up, then it's an even chance among all the different available Artifact recipes? What happens if I have all the Bases; is there a separate odds table without Base recipes, or does it just reRNG if a Base recipe comes up?


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
@Sir Derf Leave it with me!! I'll certainly try to find out!


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
Hello My Dears! Apologies for my lateness!


So with regards to the Artifacts! As we all know the Original Bears (Brown, Panda, Polar) and the Original Phoenix (Fire, Storm, Aureate) Bases and Artifacts are ALWAYS in rotation! The base availability is of course subject to you not having one in either your City or Inventory.

Then you have the Artifacts and Bases that do their 6wkly run and are Announced HERE in the Forum.

However.... as we've all seen, we also get an occasional extra knocking about and these can be in line with the Season or Event that may be occurring at the time. For example, there were unannounced Ashen Phoenix Artifacts in the craft rotation not too long ago to complement the Realm of the Phoenix Event (I grabbed two quite sharpish!)

Unfortunately, we do not have confirmation of these additional extra ones so we're unable to announce their presence! We neither know when they will be available or even for how long. The ones we DO know about and can guarantee are held in our 6wkly announcements.

As for the odds, it is pure RNG. There is no rhyme, and no reason! Which I understand will be deeply frustrating for your semi pointless math (I know you love it) but I cannot offer anything further!

I hope this kind of helps in some way!

Kind Regards


Sir Derf

@Herodite, @anonglitch The announcements are clear on 6-weekly runs of Artifacts as Spire Rewards; the first bullet announces the 'phase out', while the second bullet announces the 'phase in'. The announcements are not clear that Bases or Artifacts only have a 6-week run as craftable Magic Academy recipes. The second bullet announces the Base being 'phased in', and the third bullet announces the Artifact being 'phased in'; none of the announcements indicate either being 'phased out' as craftable recipes. If this is what is happening, the announcements really need to be amended.