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mermaid event, spire, and dead ends


i don't play in beta. so this is both a question and a suggestion.

does the spire effect any of the quests in this event?
can we gain enchantments, vision vapor, relics, or solve encounters that count towards mermaid quests?

there's a lot of potential for something new like the spire to combine w/ some of these quests and offer more alternatives to the quests that some are considering unsolvable.

actually, there are lots of new alternatives they could add to the mermaid quests to make it easier to get past some points that are very difficult, especially for last chapter cities. how about new alternatives like -
spend 100k orcs
spend gold or supplies
spend goods or relics
upgrade a wonder
pay kp, not just spend it, sacrifice it to get you past a spot you otherwise couldn't get past.
a good alternative for everyone would be to always have an option to complete a quest that requires them to spend coral or collect a certain amount of what falls to the ground in your city. this way anyone could get unstuck in about 15 hours if they always had an alternative to wait until they've collected 15 of the corals that we get hourly. or they could pay coral to get themselves unstuck.

more choices would always be good.


@yo momma love me your suggestion is basically the same as letting people skip a quest if they wait a certain amount of time afterwards (15 hours in the case of your suggestion).


yes, for a cost. that would be a lot better than being stuck for 7 days if you had to scout and clear 2 provinces and were in the last chapter. it would also be an alternative for those that can't find the room for multiple building upgrades of 16th or more or run out of fragments, crafting spells, or whatever.


In answer to your question, I play on beta and can confirm that the spire does affect the event. In most spire encounters you have a chance at winning lots of spell fragments or some of the crafting spells, which makes any quest for those resources very quick to complete, far more so than on Live. I can't recall if you can get vision vapour there. You definitely can't get relics, and encounters don't count towards any encounter-related quest tally. So it doesn't do a great deal , but it definitely does offer alternatives for some quests, which are simply not available on Live.

Regarding your suggestion, I do like the idea of having more alternatives to the difficult quests, to better account for the various bottlenecks in the game. Paying a fee to skip a quest sounds like a good option. If it's sufficiently expensive that would discourage people from doing it frequently, so it would only be worthwhile for the really difficult quests, and not give people an unfair advantage. Something like paying KP, where you can't use KP instants. Or maybe if this was only an option on the quests that people complain about the most, so it's not possible to skip too much. For example, a quest could be something like "Scout 2 provinces, or upgrade 2 buildings to level X, or pay 25 KP."