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Maybe... Seeking a fellowship


Master of the Elements
Hello All,

Blast from the past here. For anyone that remembers, I was a previous poster here. Then I retired from the game. Then I didn't. Long story short I have spent the past year happily just playing the game as a "city builder game" (crazy, I know), and just progressing how I want to. I just tend my city and build it as I want to. I always still go to the top of the spire... because, why not... and to be honest, I more often than not put in a semi-decent tournament score.

During the past year out in the wilderness, two things occur to me. 1) It's a bit lonely and 2) I would like some Royal Restoration spells. Currently I have 49 of them. I will soon be going into a new chapter and I will need (I've counted) 914 RR spells to upgrade everything that I want to. Even being fortunate enough (no pun intended) to have a level 31 Oracle of Fortune, that endeavour is still going to take me 80 weeks to accomplish. So, to exacerbate the boredom, there is the new AW upgrading system. For the aforementioned reason I am literally never going to upgrade an AW again to a 'big' level, (i.e. level 16, level 21, level 26) and I am never going to build a new AW. So this leaves very little to do in the game. (The last 6 researches of this chapter will take me 12 weeks to complete).

So to come to the point, I am thinking that I either have to finally quit the game for good, or plan B is to get involved with some FS play again. I am literally undecided as to which. I am not even sure whether this is the right place to ask anymore (this is the first post in this section since June last year), but if anyone is out there, here is what I am thinking:

If I were to do this I would be looking for a 10 chest tournament fellowship (I suppose that is most FS's now right?) I would commit enough to put in tournament scores. Even by myself they are usually over 2k and recently most have been 7k upwards. I also still always go to the top of the spire. However... I really don't ever want to be involved with FAs again (aside from what I create from normal play), and I really don't want to be involved in any kind of drama, politics, or arguments over who posts what in which KP swapping scheme. Quite crucially, in my current playstyle I don't really want to feel that I NEED to be here, even though I'm not going to be AWOL, and as I say, I've never missed a spire summit.

I still haven't even made my peace with finally releasing Knights of Hammer into the sea, like Wilson in Castaway, but I thought I would just break radio silence and see if there are any conversations to be had. Feel free to reply to me here, or send me a DM, or in-game message, or just not. All is good!



Forum mod extraordinaire
Elvenar Team
Welcome back @Pauly7 :D

I'm sure you'll have the pick of the bunch! Anyone would be lucky to have you!


Wow, definite blast from the past, welcome back :)
If you're in Winyandor, we have a space. Lionsgate FS.
10 chests minimum, one or two gates past the uglyfrogthing in the spire.
FAs no pressure. Do what you can if you're inclined.


nice to see you again @Pauly7 .........too bad your not in Felyndral or I would snatch you up LOL......good luck in your hunts, I'm sure there will be plenty of people looking for a player like yourself :)


Master of the Elements
nice to see you again @Pauly7 .........too bad your not in Felyndral or I would snatch you up LOL......good luck in your hunts, I'm sure there will be plenty of people looking for a player like yourself :)
Nice to see you again Kim. Ah Felyndryl is one place I've never set foot. I still have my tiny city in Winyandor.


Nice to see you back on the forums @Pauly7 for however long you decide to hang around. :)