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Manufactory Menus


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Did you know that the Production menu in your Manufactories is changing when you are progressing through the Chapters?

Already in Chapter 1 you have to research the production of Marble, Steel and Planks and in the next column is the research for your Production Boost. You then receive the quest to build the Manufactory building of your first Boosted Good. Once the building is completed, you receive the following Production Menu when you click on the building:

Production Menu 1.png

As you can see, you have a selection of 3 hours, 9 hours, 1 day and 2 days Productions. In Chapter 2 you will research the Production buildings for Crystal, Scrolls and Silk, followed by Elixir, Magic Dust and Gems in Chapter 3. All 9 Production Menu's will show the same duration selection, just for their specific good. There won't be any changes (apart from building size and orientation) until you reach Chapter 12.

In Chapter 12 you have to Research for your first Sentient Good which means Elemental Marble Manufactory, Dwarven Steel Manufactory and Growing Planks Manufactory. In the next column of the Research you will find the Technology for your Sentient Production Boost.
Once you have your Boosted Sentient Production building at level 24, your Production Menu changes as follows:

Production Menu 2.png

Your 1 day and 2 days productions have now disappeared and been replaced by the recipe for 3 and 9 hours Sentient Goods Production. This menu changes for all Manufactories as soon as they reach Level 24. As you can see, this particular picture does not show a Boosted Good. The difference is quite easy to see:

Production boosted.png

Again there are no changes apart from building size and orientation until you reach Chapter 18 of your Research.
Team Spirit (Chapter 18) comes with a complete new set of Ascended Goods. Your Production Menus are changing to the following view:

Production Menu 3.png

As you can see that these Ascended Goods are not Boosted. This picture is taken from a Manufactory that has the Sentient Goods Boost and therefore cannot have a boost for the Ascended Good.

If you open the Relics Tab of your Main Hall, you can see how your Boosts are organised:


As you can see, with the time, all your Goods will be Boosted for one type. You can prepare yourself with levelling the next Boosted Manufactory building in time and collecting enough relics so you can start the new production with the highest Boost. The latter is currently a bit difficult because those relics are needed in the Magic Academy for the production of Combining Catalysts.

Please note that this post is based on the Browser version of the game. The App can look different, but the way the Sentient and Ascended Goods work, is exactly the same.
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