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Main Hall


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Elvenar Team
Did you know that it is essential to keep upgrading your Main Hall?
When you open your Main Hall, you see a similar picture like this:


It lists your Coin and Supply Capacity, the amount of coins you will receive when visiting your friends and neighbors, and the Ranking Points.
At the bottom in the first tab are all your Standard Goods displayed, while the second tab displays your Sentient Goods.


When you go to the tab 'Upgrade,' you can see how the Coin and Supply Capacity, the amount received for Neighborly Help, and the Ranking Points increase. The bottom half of that tab are the Requirements listed for the upgrade and how much time it will take to finish the build. The green bar starts the upgrade or, in this case, prompts you to the Research. (Red writing means not sufficient resources.)


Opening the tab 'Relics' gives you an overview of all your relics and, in the first row, the amount and the boost they provide to your Standard Goods. In the second row are your Sentient Goods and their Production Boost displayed. The Production Boost will show a lock if you have not unlocked the Sentient Goods. The third row shows the last relics you will need in the future for new goods. Those last relics are currently needed to produce spells in the Magic Academy and upgrade Ancient Wonders.


So if you keep running very fast out of coins or can not get enough coins for a building upgrade or finishing research, you should check if your Main Hall needs an upgrade.

PS: This is all taken from the browser version of the game. The mobile version can look different.


The storage capacity of the Main Hall and Workshops could be made larger. I'm in Ch XVII and MH upgrades take months to achieve. But meanwhile the costs and charges for gameplay (e.g. scouting, Spire) are massive and wipe out any coins and supplies that are stored. Also I produce a lot of coins and supplies but have to dump them in the wholesaler, instead of storing them for when I need them. Just a thought.