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Lost so many of my neighbours!


Suddenly for the last 2 days, I have no neighbours to my south. Its so bad that I spent so many resources trying to explore and I am now losing so much gold because I cant click those blocks!

Anyone any clue?

Screenshot here


Hello nishantsah,

the neighbours that have disappeared have been deleted due to inactivity. There will be new players filling in the spots soon. And don't worry, you won't need to rediscover them or anything. Just a bit of patience required I'm afraid.

Hope that answers your concern. :)


Aah ok :)

I guess a suggestion for the game makers could be to remove the old ones as and when the new ones come. How much will it take a programme to be written that can do this on the fly ;)


You're welcome. :)

As for suggestions, there have been a few posted on this forum and probably many more across all language servers. Why it isn't possible to have cities deleted on the fly as you mentioned beats me. Mind you, I do like the sound of barbarian villages, dragon attacks or cities falling into decay and awaiting to be explored as alternatives... We'll have to see what the devs prefer/can accomplish. They do know the way inactives are handled currently is anything but ideal. ;)

So here's that word again: 'patience'. One needs a lot of it around here. :p


I had the same issue, glad you have covered it.

is it possible for you to make it easier (on supply and war) for us to explore the outer rings to discover more neighbours?


Hello Creeper04,

While I strongly doubt the developers will agree to lower the costs to complete provinces, you can of course suggest it as an idea in the Ideas and Suggestions section (preferably using the template you can find here). That is, should no one else have suggested it yet. :)

A well thought-out argument as to how lowering the costs would truly benefit the game as a whole would be my recommendation though. Many players appear to enjoy the challenge (such as I to be honest).


I have lost over 30 neighboring cities over the last few days, that reduction of around 500,000 coins a day plus 8 resources for each click,
Although you tell me they will be replaced, if every area is going through the same clean out, its not going to happen as quickly as they were deleted. Would it be possible to time deletions to fit with new members so we don't lose so much resource as this is costing.

My daily coin collection from my province has now been reduced from over 1.6million to just on 700,000 not even enough to cover
the cost of opening a new province which I managed yesterday only to find the city that was there was gone by the time I opened it.
I have invested heavily in this game to fast track my progress, however will not spend another cent until I see replacement cities
taking place to which I have seen zero up until now.
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Hello Farkque,

I'm sorry to hear that your daily coin collection has been reduced, as a result of players who have been deleted due to inactivity. As both the deletion of inactive players and the placement of new players are completely automated processes, even though I would like to be able to do so, it's unfortunately not possible for me to tell you when you may start to see new neighbours appearing.

I realise this is frustrating, so we have passed on the concerns of yourself and many others about this matter. However, as this is an automated process, you're not being singled out.

That said, with new players starting daily, I hope it won't be long until you start to see new neighbours appearing in your area. :)


maybe an idea for the game:
a link in the game , you can type a name and so can see how far they live from you :)

i know its a big world outhere

I play for a week now and i have seen in many villages also no change around me
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Hi Finduilas, you can see how far a player is from you by the following method:
  1. Go to the rankings list (by clicking on your ranking under your avatar)
  2. Enter the player's name in the search field and click the magnifying glass icon
  3. Click on their name in the list that comes up when you do step 2 (you can also do this from their name in your notifications list if they have visited you or traded with you)
  4. Select 'Visit' from the pop-up menu that appears - you will be taken to their city
  5. Once in their city, click on the world icon at the bottom middle of the screen - you will be taken to the world map, centered on their city
  6. You will see a large blue arrow. This arrow points to your city - simply scroll the map to follow in the direction the arrow is pointing to get back to your own city
This method will give you a good idea how far away a player is from you and in which direction. It sounds rather long-winded but in fact takes far longer to describe than it does to actually do ;)


I am so glad they are trying to resolve the no gamers they do need to i want players who are playing the game on my world map so I will be patient


Well, I now have NO neighbours on my world map at all and it is pointless playing the tournament on my own as I had to "found" a guild as there was none to be found....hope somebody turns up soon as it's getting lonely out there!.


Well, I now have NO neighbours on my world map at all and it is pointless playing the tournament on my own as I had to "found" a guild as there was none to be found....hope somebody turns up soon as it's getting lonely out there!.
Hi Ravenhook,

Please make sure you have the automatic movement option selected (bottom right hand corner, click cog then click the second cog) then hopefully you will moved soon.

movement option.png