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Looking to hook up with a Fellowship (How Original)


Hi Peeps,

My ranking is in the 180’s with a score just short of 729K

My boosted goods are Marble – Crystal – Elixir

I am currently 3/4 of the way through chapter 15 - Elvenar

I can offer daily visits and regular fair trading, I am looking for a laid back FS who isn’t hung up on the spire yet achieves 10 chests on the weekly tourney, not too much to ask is it ;)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon...


my former fellowship "Arsenal" sounds perfect for you. please consider them. i only left because i'm not playing regularly anymore


Hi Trehan, I have sent you a message in game, however I'm a little puzzled as your city in winyandor EN2 is in the orcs chapter. Are you sure you have posted on the correct forum world?


Hi there,
the only player with your nick - Trehan - is on en2 and has a score of 69955. Care to clarify?
My FS is looking for active players but at this moment we can go for 10 chests only every 2nd or 3rd week. Interested?

Piglets For All

We're a 10 chest Fellowship looking for a new member - we do play the Spire but its entirely up to individuals whether they want to or not.

Feel free to check us out :)

Piglets For All

Why would we need the friend's name? If they just apply to a Fellowship then the AM can check them on Elven Stats at that point exactly as they would had they not come via the forum.