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Looking for fellowship...


New player here, been playing daily but I'm looking to join a friendly sort of fellowship, that can help me understand the best way to build my town.

If anyone has space for someone like me, would be great to hear from you.


Hi Smithy, we are looking for new players and can provide all the help you will need through all chapters. We are a strong fellowship but also relaxed and it would be good to welcome you :)


Deleted User - 849316787

What world are you playing in? I can't find you in the game.

Egwene al Vere

You can also join Fairytale on Arendyll. We love to teach and help new players. As you grow you can take part in all sorts of events, which we will help you with as well.. Come look us up. We have a sister team called Fabulous Fairies also and if you get more experience you can decide to join them or remain with us. Take a look at our overview.