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Looking for Fellowship


Hello everyone,

I am seeking for a fellowship/ guild. I am new and would love an advice How to organize my city and help with first steps. I have boost production of Marble, Crystal and dust. I believe Elvenar is a great place if you sorrounded by good people.

Thank you for offer.



While waiting for offers here, go shop around in the game and read some of the FS descriptions out there. See if some of those sound like a good fit for your level of ambition and just write them a message.

Elvenstats is another way of finding FS.


ahh I got you send me a message Gathsdell with the FS The White Dragons. could be you find a good home with us!!


ohh wait a moment I'm not mage in that world so if your interested send a message to our archmage Maria711 I'll let her know you'll be writing.DON't just press apply please.
Hi @Indigoo . If you're looking to play at a steady pace, then you'd be welcome in our fellowship Phoenix of Gildor. We can help you with trading, building placement and introduce you to the tourney and FAs. There's never any pressure to compete - we just ask that you give back to the fellowship when you are able. Have a look, and you can join straight away if it suits you.


Fellowship in Felyandryl
Merlins Cave
Created for new players to build their cities on their own time with no pressure until they feel they are ready
Plenty of advice available on request.
Open to those looking for a friendly, helpful environment
Archmage : NamValley