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Looking for Fellowship on Fel


Hi im Miriik. I have been mostly playing on my own so far in my own fellowship. I am just starting on Fairies, chapter 7 and looking to join an active fellowship. my boosted goods are Planks/Silk/Dust you can check me out at https://www.elvenstats.com/player/en3/849219767

I also have two other accounts
Veroth (marble/crystals/gems)
and Kirloth (Steel/scrolls/elixir)

both just starting chapter 7 also. (i wanted to be self suffiecient until i felt i could be of help in a proper fellowship :D
feel free to let me know if you would like one (preferably Miriik) or all thanks
Read our overview and see how you feel about our team. Recent merges and a massive shake up have given us 23 strong players xx
“Rage of the Mages/Knights”
Hi Miriik

Have a look at Mallaig's Legacy also, depending on what you are looking for. I've just created a couple of slots for someone active, wanting to grow, and with no pressure for quotas etc. The FS has had it's ups and downs, we are growing again.



Hi Miriik,
In case you haven't decided where to go, and you are still looking,
our FS called ♫aBunDance♫ is recruiting and we'd love to have one or more of your accounts.
We get 10 chests every tournament, and get the precious blueprint that way.
We casually play Spires and get to the 2nd stage every week and get those 75 Diamonds.
And we are a great bunch of lads to play and enjoy this game with :)
Give us a look and apply even if we are full.
Unfortunately we have a player that we consider removing. We hope for the best, but she was having some health issues, and I don't think she will return playing with us. :/
See out there!


Im a new fellowship Schnukies Rest. Looking to build my fellowship in Wyn if your still looking contact Schnukie.