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looking for a stable fellowship


This is what I am looking for - an active yet casual fellowship. In that I mean members are playing 5+ times per week. Also I am tech locked by choice as I am upgrading my AW's so I am looking for a very active form of kp swaps. I do not have to have a 10 chest FS - but 7 - 9 chests with a regular push for 10 is acceptable. Spire is ok - but it is the most expensive feature in the game -so I can take it or leave it , most times I will complete it to the High halls. If you have - or even know of a fellowship similar to this - feel free to send an invite. I am boosted in steel, scrolls and elixer if you need any of those.
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I’m part of a fellowship that seems to fit want you want: we get around 7 chests and fairly high on the spire except for our spire and tournament weeks once a month when we get silver and 11 chests normally. Everyone’s very active and friendly. It’s call Blue Dragon but contact our AM - Moraine - if you fancy giving us a try!


Dragon Wings in Winy are recruiting we are looking for committed active players. Sounds like you may want to have a look and see if we could match each other. You can check us out on Elven stats, then talk to AM Red Phoenix.


I have looked your FS up on Elvenstats and read the overview for your group Trishenelf. The only thing I did not see there was if you have an active KP exchange/swap. I did send Red Phoenix a DM asking about it and am awaiting a response now.