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Looking for a New Fellowship


Hi, Looking for a new fellowship, I am active everyday, started playing late Summer early Autumn this year, really enjoy playing and when I realised I was missing out on Tournaments and Events I joined up with a fellowship and have really enjoyed playing in them. However I find myself in a fellowship with more in-actives and a leadership team that isn't as organised as well I would like them to be. I'd rather not go into details here in an open forum, happy to talk about it privately if you wish.
As I said I play daily, take part in all events and tournaments to the best of my ability, I visit daily, advise and help when I can and help with trades as well. My boosts are Steel, Scrolls and Elixir.
I am not looking for a fellowship run like the military but I'd like more organisation than I am currently in. I also like friendly and chatty fellowships too with plenty chat and it doesn't have to be all game related chat, some real life chat and banter is great too. I am in a European timezone, not that it should make a difference but just so you know. Current score 27k and climbing fast, bypassed most of my fellowship members, many due to inactivity, others because they don't play as much, including the senior members, my rank 10k for now but again climbing up, I just started the 5th part of research.
Well I think that's about it, anything else you would like to know just ask here or in-game.
Thank you for reading and showing an interest in me :)


Thank you to all of you who showed an interest and invited me along, I have settled into a great new FS now, Ty once again :)