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Looking for a Fellowship

Peanut Pie

I'm looking for a fellowship to join, I took a break from the game for a few months while realigning my life and also dropped 2 other live cities in the process. My main is in Beta.
My ideal Fellowship would do both Spire and Tournament with a minimum of 1k tournament points, and getting at least Silver in the Spire every week although regular Gold or push weeks for Gold are also good.
I don't like kp threads and like a Net Zero system.
I only have boosted factories, am a fair trader and daily player.


Lionsgate has a couple of spots open.
Silver in the spire, 10 chests in the tournament, usually top 20 in the FA.
We do have very active KP threads though.
And quite an active chat.....
No real pressure to perform, everyone just does what they are comfortable with.
Best dwarf beer in Winyandor :)
I can send you an invite if you're keen.