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Looking for a decent Fellowship to join.


Hi all

I'm new to the game but not to Inno Games I've played FOE and The West so i pretty much know my ways around the game. I'm a daily active player who likes to get involved, help others out and learn.

I can't believe this game doesn't have a global chat room....what a bore. I'm looking for a fellowship with loads of active people who're vocal and to keep the fun going.

If you've got any room for me let me know I'll have a scan of your Fellowship and see if it's the right one for me.

Many Thanks


Hello Gaveeebruce,
We are a very active fs and we currently have an empty space for you to fill!
You' re more than welcome to send me a message or apply to be part of our great team!
We do tournaments, Adventures, trade, chat and help each other a lot!
Hope to hear from you,
Cheers, Appolonia ;)


I've found a fellowship thanks for your replies and invitations. :)