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Limit number of trades


It would reduce cluttering of the trades listings, and make accepting offers easier, if there was a limit placed on the number of trades a player could post at one time. For example, look at these trades posted today:


This example is not the only one, but I suggest that over 5 pages of more than 40 microscopic trades is just taking the mickey !

Since the game devs won't implement a 'block/hide trader' option, then could they at least consider placing a maximum on the number of trades placed in a single session. In the example shown above the player could have placed six (6) 2,000 gems trades to achieve the same result. And please don't tell me that small trades are needed by small city players, because if that is the intention then 6 x 300 gems trades could work just as well.


Master of the Elements
Those trades for 300 each, I will just take them all, if anything just to tidy up. Maybe that's what the smaller player relies on. One trade of 20k may be overlooked, but someone may take pity on a person's tiny trades.

My Winyandor city is slightly in no man's land and one 20k trade might stay there for days.