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Liberty league seeking new members


Hi all,

We are a young fellowship mostly built from an older one that folded. We have room for both experienced and new players, but we ask for active playing.

We are a very supportive group, with lots of chat going on to see what people need.

Our players are from all over the world - Australia, US, England and Iran.

There are currently 5 places available.

If you are interested please message me - bookgirlnet and I'll give you a place.

We do regular checks to see who is still active. Inactive players will be dropped from the fellowship if they don't respond to communication.



We still have a couple of places available if you are interested. We welcome new players who are looking for some support learning how to play the game.


If it's a supportive team based envvironment you're looking for you can't go wrong with liberty league. Message or just make a request in game.