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League of the Lost is recruiting active players


"League of the Lost -- a fellowship developing in this realm where elves, fairies, dwarfs, orcs and humans work together to form a network of provinces forming a whole!!"

LOL is friendly, help oriented FS, with no pressure for chatting or how to play the game. We all enjoy the game on our own way, doing as much as we can to achieve the same goal.
There are a few rules, though:
-We are looking to be active, at list 5 help visits per week, active participation in Tournaments and Spire every week;
-you must have finished at list chapter 3 and have a trader;
-fair trades all the time. 2 and 3 star trades with no cross-trading. Cross-trading as an exception should be posted in the chat even if it is for another Fellowship;
-and the last but Most of all: NO DRAMA!!

What you are getting as our member:
** 10 chests in tournament every week
** 5, 10, 15, 20 and 35 KP swap threads for Ancient Wonders
** very active in Spire - lot of valuable rewords
** help and support for the game with a friendly chat

Apply by contacting the Arch-Mage or Mages if interested.


We are recruiting. 3 place open
We are very active in tournaments, 10-11 chest every week, in the Spire we are always at the second stage, a lot of KP exchange treats for AW upgreating

If you are interested and you are active player, and wont to be in the friendly and drama free fellowship, contact me in the private message in english server Felyndral world.