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Latest Event - Season of Dreams - Prizes?



I will be suitably 'amazed' if the prizes are 100 CCs and 100,000 Spell Fragments ! ;)

To hope for more than that would be sheer lunacy. Or is that state of mind now required to play? :p


The troop prizes are always welcome but not "amazing" as such.
I'm keen to get the final building though, anything that produces OhNo!rium is a winner in my eyes :cool:

I do think that given the season has arrived with the AW debacle, Season of Screams would be more appropriate :confused:


the Sorcerer Trials event.
I got another Goddess of Wishes. SF fodder for the disenchantment fairy! :p

'Twould be nicer if the Event prizes were linked to a player's chapter and City Advancement Level (CAL). I mean, after playing all event quests to the bitter end, a building which gives me 2K of goods per day is worse than useless. Grumble, grumble, hiss, spit ...


Amazing prizes... are we playing the same game...???

Personally I didn't bother either with this event. What little city space I do have is chock full of all those time-limited buildings (Trading Stations etc) churning out enchantments and such so that I can sell them off once expired for CCs or RRs. I can then disenchant the enchantments for more Spell Frags. That and burning through Inventory buildings and Artefacts that I don't want should keep the AW upgrades going for a few weeks...


All events should now give us things to address the massive shortages of spell frags that people are now experiencing. Giving us some silly items that are worth only a couple of hundred spell frags when sold off is pointless. If they want people to participate in these events they need to give us something worth making the effort for! Its like the FA and those painfully pointless prizes that just dont reflect the effort that goes into winning the sodding things!! Cmon Devs, wake up!!