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Question KP spells


They are specifically designed to encourage you to develop your ancient wonders. Of course, normal KP can go for both ancient wonders and research. Otherwise, you'd have nothing to do with them once you've finished the research tree.


Ahh we asked for them, after the coin and supply were introduced. Tourney wind up used to give 75 KPs directly to the bar, and then a filled Wonder used to overwhelm our KP bars overnight, or while we were at work. It was very frustrating and this space would get a lot of complaints.
We have asked for research KPs, and honestly, we get those: in event prizes, like the red chest that gave 11 recently.

Lol our Fellowship used to have an "End of tourney swap club" to facilitate the dispersal of the 75, earned with 10 chests.
Thanks @conqueror9