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Is there a forum for active recruting Fellowships?


Hello world,
I'll start with the noob beginning:
I'm new to the game, but enthusiastic about it. I love the gameplay and I can see myself enjoying this game for a long time.
I am currently in an inactive fellowship that seams like a ghost town and I'm looking to join a better one, where maybe I can make a difference.
Is there a place where fellowship leaders discuss opening positions and requirements for joining their Fellowship?


If you go to the bottom of the front page of the forum, you will see each of the three worlds. Under them are links to players looking for fellowships, and fellowships looking for players. Post in the former and you will get snapped up. If you're in Arendyll, you're welcome to check out Mayhem Tavern (I'm Rosefinch there).


Also just go to the ranking screen in the game and read some FS descriptions, if you find one you like, just send them a message! There are not many FS out there there won´t accept active newbies given they have a space available :)


Thank you all very much for your support. I found a new FS and everyone is very supportive, both on the forums and in the game.
Adding to the love towards the game.
Have a great(er) year, everyone!


I don't wanna flood the forums with new questions, so I'll stick to this one. Hope I'll get more answers as I go along. :)

*I most note that I'm playing on my phone, as my laptop is so old, it can't actually run the game :)

Q1: Is there a way to view a FS, if its not on the list showed when going to the ranking page? It only shows me the close to same rank FS, 2 above and 2 below, and of course the top 50.
But there is no search option to find other FS?
Q2: I can only view the city of same FS members, and my next neighbours, from the world map. Is there a way to search for a player if you have his/hers name? If so, can I see his/hers points&rank, can I see his/hers city? Or both, or none? :)

Thank you all :)


Hello @Raghalthor.

Firstly, it's worth mentioning that the app is inferior to the browser version in quite a number of areas, as you'll see in the answers to your questions. Some of those are significant (game play such as fighting encounters is inferior on the app as an example, there are plenty of others). It is possible to get on quite well playing on the app only.

Q1 - there's no search function for Fellowships, but it is possible to view details of some other Fellowships, it's just not well implemented, very obvious or user friendly. As well as the tab that shows Fellowships ranked by ranking points, there are two more tabs as well. One of these lists Fellowships ranked by where they finished in the last Fellowship Adventure (a type of event that happens periodically), and another that lists Fellowships by position in the current or previous Spire of Eternity (a weekly mini game available once you reach Chapter 3). In both cases you can see a slice of 5 Fellowships around your own, and the Top 50. (Can't remember what search options there are for those not in a Fellowship.)

Q2 - there's not really a player search function, on the app. If your Fellowship has a space, you can go to the 'Requests' tab on the Fellowship overview dialog, and then there is a search box there. But that's a quite limited situation, and hardly intuitive or particularly helpful. As well as your Fellowship members and those you've discovered on the map, you can see some others player’s cities. If you go to the ranking lists, tap on a player's name, a context menu should pop up, tap on the house icon to visit the city. If the player is in a Fellowship, tapping on the shield icon will take you to the Fellowship overview, and from there you can use the members tab to see ranking points, visit other cities, and send messages via the mail function. But that's about it.

There maybe more others can add, but hope that helps you a bit.


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Elvenar Team
@Raghalthor please do not worry about spamming the forum. Making a new thread in the correct section of the forum might be more efficent. Not everybody is scanning the Felyndral section when they are playing in a different world. If you need help with something and you post in 'Question & help' all forum user will have a look at it.
It is also a good idea to use the search function of the forum. Perhaps somebody else already asked the same question and got plenty of answers to it.


Many thanks to everyone! There are lovely people around this relms! Happy to have found it.
I'm getting there...slowly but surely.
Good luck to all of you and have fun!